Final Destination 3 (2006)
Main cast: Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Wendy Christensen), Ryan Merriman (Kevin Fischer), Kris Lemche (Ian McKinley), Amanda Crew (Julie Christensen), Alexz Johnson (Erin Ulmer), Texas Battle (Lewis Romero), Sam Easton (Frankie Cheeks), Chelan Simmons (Ashley Freund), Crystal Lowe (Ashlyn Halperin), Gina Holden (Carrie Dreyer), Jesse Moss (Jason Robert Wise), Maggie Ma (Perry Malinowski), and Ecstasia Sanders (Amber)
Director: James Wong

After the mess that is Final Destination 2, James Wong must have decided that he might as well take over the direction of the next sequel so as to minimize the collateral damage caused by sequel decay to the franchise that so far had been co-written by him and Glen Morgan. But how do you bring some freshness to a concept that has long lost its shock value?

This movie is basically a rehash of the previous two movies, only this time, we begin in an amusement. Our heroine Wendy Christensen are hanging out with her friends as one last hurrah before they graduate from high school and go separate ways. Wendy has a premonition that terrible deaths will occur if they persist on staying on a rollercoaster ride. Wendy manages to convince a few of her friends as well as some strangers to get off the ride, and they can only watch as her boyfriend and other disbelievers die a gory death afterward. Of course, Death won't be cheated that easily, so Wendy and the survivors are dead people walking... or are they?

If you have seen the previous two movies, you will know what to get here. The level of gore in this movie seems to be deliberately higher than usual, which is always a good thing as we are talking about credibly scary gore here and not some low budget scenes with ketchup blood and dried sausages. The script also ramps up the dark humor which is conveyed successfully through a generally competent cast and polished direction.

All things considered, this movie doesn't break any new ground, but it's competently delivered, pretty good at places, and does it job adequately. It's not a bad movie for a boring afternoon, really.

Rating: 66

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