Extreme Ops (2002)
Main cast: Devon Sawa (Will), Rupert Graves (Jeffrey), Bridgette Wilson (Chloe), Rufus Sewell (Ian), Heino Ferch (Mark), Joe Absolom (Silo), Jana Pallaske (Kittie), Jean-Pierre Castaldi (Zoran), and Klaus L÷witsch (Slobovan Pavle)
Director: Christian Duguay

When will people ever learn? If we are going to have a movie with no plot, no good acting whatsoever (unless you count people playing planks), nothing, we bloody damn well fill the screen time with lots of wild actions, gratuitous sex, nudity, and at least fifteen metres of bloody intestines arching through the air courtesy of a helicopter blade "accidentally" ripping into some idiot's gut.

Basically the story is about kids going to film an ad where they will do some extreme stunts in an avalanche. But somehow they stumble upon Serbian villains hiding in the snow-covered mountains. Ooh. And, er, that's it. Lots of scenes of the kids walking about, talking in dialogues so wooden they can make trees horny, interspersed with scenes of stuntmen and stuntwomen performing daring stuff I've seen better on AXN.

No nudity, and while Bridgette Wilson is easy on the eyes, I have to be content with that butt-ugly Devon Sawa who looks as if someone has injected PlayDough into his cheeks. He looks wasted. Rufus Sewell should really fire his agent and start kissing whoever's ass so that he will stop acting in rubbish like this movie and get some decent roles for once. Preferably one with lots of frontal nudity.

Extreme Ops is a petrifyingly dull and singularly unappealing movie. Undergoing surgery without anesthetics is a more palatable experience than watching the talent-free Mr Sawa trying to emote. This movie brings the suck to an extreme new level. Bravo! May everybody connected to the making of this movie languish in well-deserved oblivion, except Sewell. He can come clean my house wearing only a thong.

Rating: 01

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