Enough (2002)
Main cast: Jennifer Lopez (Slim), Bill Campbell (Mitch), Tessa Allen (Gracie), Juliette Lewis (Ginny), Dan Futterman (Joe), Chris Maher (Phil), Noah Wyle (Robbie), Ruben Madera (Teddy), Russell Milton (Alex)
Director: Michael Apted

Had enough of Jennifer Lopez and her autonoted singing, her tacky fashion line, her face in every magazine, and her tacky husband in every appearence she's in on TV? Tired of hearing that horrible, horrible ballad Alive on radio?

With luck, after this really bad movie - aptly titled Enough - we will never hear from La J Lo ever again.

I miss Bill Campbell now that Once And Again has been cancelled, but seeing him here playing an over the top Evil Abusive Philandering Rich Husband is enough to make me wish a TV show will pick him up and give him decent material to chew on.

Enough is a derivative TV movie of the week thing - you may have seen Julia Roberts and Ashley Judd playing the same roles in better if hammy versions of this Wife On The Run Strikes Back At Evil Husband revenge fantasy. I have no idea why La J Lo thinks she can pulls this one off when Roberts and Judd can't. She plays the Latino waitress Skip who gets swept off her feet by the Evil Husband, pops out a daughter, and then discovers that her husband is cheating on her. When she confronts him, he whops her a big one.

She runs away, learns kung-fu, and cuts her hair and dons tight-fitting tank tops so that we know now that she is a kick-ass chick. Uhm, La Lo, Jennifer Garner from Alias called, she wants her horrid wigs back. And the SPCA wants you for questioning for the ten dead raccoons that were killed for your hair. Then she hits back at her husband in a really bad, unintentionally hilarious sequence of events right out of a Home Alone thing.

It doesn't help much that the child playing Skip's daughter is atrociously shrill. "Mommy! Mommy!" she will go, and hubby and I fight to see who will get the remote first to press the mute button. (Yes, we are watching this movie on a pirated VCD.)

La J Lo puts on an embarrasingly bad display of mediocre acting here, and her high-on-helium voice isn't helping much. Bill Campbell is really, really bad it's tragic. Noah Wyle and Juliette Lewis and everyone else will probably kill themselves out of shame the next time this movie gets shown on HBO or Cinemax or Livetime Movie Network for the millionth time (and I have no doubt I will be seeing this movie on heavy rotation on daytime cable in the not-too-distant future).

Yes, I've had enough, thanks but no thanks.

Rating: 46

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