Dudley Do-Right (1999)
Main cast: Brendan fraser (Dudley Do-Right), Sarah Jessica Parker (Nell Fenwick), and Alfred Molina (Snidley Whiplash)
Director: Hugh Wilson

I like George Of The Jungle. I like Brendan Fraser. I don't like Dudley Do-Right. That's because I'm rather tired of seeing Brendan in yet another goofball role. Brendan, fire your agent. Worse, he never even unbutton his shirt this time, so for me, in a movie clearly meant for kiddies below 9, I'm bored stiff. Kiddie shows can be fun (see GOTG), but the script of DDR only insults my intelligence. It has some redeeming moments, but not enough.

The plot is some sort of silliness that can be fun, but wasn't. Snidely loves Nell. Dudley loves Nell. Nell loves whoever that can paint her the best. Snidely drives out residents of Semi-Happy Valley and fakes a gold rush to get tourists to invade the place. He then proceeds to leech these idiots dry. Meanwhile, Dudley sleeps happily, dreaming of his lost horse Horse (that's right, the horse is called Horse) and Nell. By the way, Dudley's a Mountie. He's a good looking Mountie, I must admit, but he's also a complete twit.

Oh well, like I said there are some fun moments. I love it when Dudley takes Nell to a Kumquat Indian Corn Festival, which comes complete with Las Vegas stage costumes, faux Conga beats, and as fake as they come, and Nell squeals, "Oh, how authentic!" Snidely saying that being a bad guy in a movie is fun until the last part, and demands to know (from the narrator!) how reinforcements appear out of the blue at the ending. Dudley saying "Everything is real in Canada!" amidst the ersatzness of Semi-Happy Valley. But these smart moments are few and in-between. Instead all I get is Dudley falling off his chair four times, and a Obi-wan/Luke nonsense that falls flat. I like how Dudley sabotages Snidely's plans, and Brendan looks good on a bike, but sadly, everything else is Dull City.

If only Brendan had taken off his shirt. Call me shallow but then I wouldn't have snored in the cinema, scared the kiddies around me into tears, and embarrassed myself.

Rating: 28

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