Dude, Where's My Car? (2000)
Main cast: Ashton Kutcher (Jesse Montgomery III), Seann William Scott (Chester Greenburg), Kirsty Swanson (Christie Boner), Jennifer Garner (Wanda), Marla Sokoloff (Wilma), and Hal Sparks (Zoltan)
Director: Danny Leiner

There is this scene in this movie where Chester and Jesse are trying on clothes when Chester saw Jesse had a tattoo. "Dude, you got a tattoo!"

"You too!"

"What does it say, Dude?"

"Sweet! What does mine say?"

"Dude! What does mine say?"

"Sweet! What does mine say?"

At this point, I felt my brains melting into a pile of steaming ectoplasmic jello and immediately switched off the TV (I was watching a pirated VCD version of this movie, I confess) to dunk my head in a tub of ice water.

This movie could have been funny, but it isn't. Instead, oh the horrifying levels of stupidity it degenerates into, and the awful way it makes my brain feel as if it is about to detonate into a zillion fried corpuscles.

Rating: 01

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