Dragonfly (2002)
Main cast: Kevin Costner (Joe Darrow), Joe Morton (Hugh Campbell), Ron Rifkin (Dr Charlie Dickinson), Linda Hunt (Sister Madeline), Susanna Thompson (Dr Emily Darrow), Kathy Bates (Miriam Belmont), and Robert Bailey Jr (Jeffrey Reardon)
Director: Tom Shadyac

Alright, just who did Kevin Costner screwed/blew/schmoozed/wined to keep getting starring roles? Confess, confess, so that I can personally come over and pull every one of your cheap, no-good Costner-hoing hair out of your scalp with a pair of rusty pliers. Dragonfly is Kevin Costner's sad, sad attempt to rejuvenate his career ala Bruce Willis, "I see dead people" style, three years too late. And helmed by Tom Shaydac, the man behind that asinine piece of crap called Patch Adams, Dragonfly is the longest, most boring piece of schmo doo of the Meet Joe Black comatose of death hall of fame.

Joe Darrow's late wife Emily has a patch of freckles shaped like a dragonfly. When she died, he starts seeing weird things, like moving dargonfly paperweights and scary children talking vague and trite nonsense, and scarier puppets and a very scary nun looking just like Linda Hunt. Is Emily trying to reach him from beyond? Do I care? Should I care?

It is bad enough that the inept direction, slow pace, and everything about it that screams "Wannabe just like The Sixth Sense", but Kevin Costner seems to be... I don't know. If someone kills him and reanimates him as a zombie before filming begins, well, I can probably buy that story. This man is that dead in this movie. Oops, did I give something away? Do I care? Hmmm, not really.

Dragonfly, if there is justice in this world, will be the final crap that will send Kevin Costner right into the world of informercials. Quit acting and become a real estate agent or something, just stop torturing me with crap like this, damn you. Bah.

Rating: 26

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