Dinosaur (2000)
Main cast: DB Sweeney (Aladar), Julianna Margulies (Neera), Alfre Woodard (Plio), Ossie Davis (Yar), Samuel E Wright (Kron), Joan Plowright (Baylene), and Della Reese (Eema)
Directors: Eric Leighton and Ralph Zondag

Have you seen Tarzan, Disney's offering for 1999? The Lion King? The Land Before Time? I did, and I wished I hadn't bothered with Dinosaur. The movie is very nice to look at, but it's also a blatant recycling of the elements present in the list of above movies. Seen one, seen all, and I've seen Dinosaur.

Baby igunanodon kidnapped when he was an egg, raised by monkeys and realizes he doesn't fit in ala Tarzan. Great exodus ala The Land Before Time, this time because the ice age is nigh. He meets own tribe, falls in love with spunky but useless female. He then proceeds to clash with the current leader but becomes friends after he saves the grouchy fellow. All herbivores unite against the carnivores! We must work together! Yadda yadda boring, seen-it-before yadda yadda's.

The comet falling and apocalyptic sights are one to gape at. So are the dinosaurs, so real and so life-like that I can only marvel at the wonders of today's cutting edge art technologies.

Too bad they wasted all that money while forgetting to hire a decent scriptwriter. Dinosaur is a beautiful, amazing, awe-inspiring spectacle of... nothingness. What a waste of money - I want my $8.00 back.

Rating: 50

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