Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles (2001)
Main cast: Paul Hogan (Mick "Crocodile" Dundee), Linda Kozlowski (Sue Charlton), Jere Burns (Arnan Rothman), Jonathan Banks (Milos Drubnik), Alec Wilson (Jacko), and Serge Cockburn (Mikey Dundee)
Director: Simon Wincer

I think I know why it takes them 13 years to create this movie, a sequel to 1988's Crocodile Dundee II. They are probably hoping that those who have watched CDII would have gotten amnesia and forget about that movie. It's either that or Crocodile Dundee is suffering from mild Alzheimer's disease. In Crocodile Dundee In Los Angeles, our Aussie man practically walks through a plot recycled from the first two Dundee movies, and he acts as if he has never experienced them before.

In some mumbo-jumbo plot about smugglers and murder, Dundee and his son Mikey follows Linda, Dundee's gal, to LA. Here, our hero stumbles into gay bars and go "Oi!", stabs a mechanical anaconda, and behaves like a Neanderthal lost in LA. Okay, so Croc Dundee lives in a rather rural Aussie outback area. But mate, that doesn't mean the guy actually thinks that he has to slap himself to switch on the lamp in a posh hotel room, right?

I have seen the two original Dundee movies - the original is good, part two sucks a bit - and seeing how this third instalment essentially recycles the two movies make me feel cheated. I understand the cast is in this for the money. Here, Hogan and gang, here's my $8.00. Don't come back until you actually have a decent movie to sell me the next time around.

Rating: 52

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