Chicken Run (2000)
Main cast: Julia Sawalha (Ginger) and Mel Gibson (Rocky the Rhode Island Red)
Directors: Nick Park and Peter Lord

I have never had this strong an urge to throw up until I've seen this Chicken Run tripe. Hailed for its intelligent script, it is a misogynistic, boring, and UGLY clay-animated thing. I really want to throw up.

The plot is simple. The hens of Tweedy farm wants to escape. Too bad the only hen smart enough to arrange a decent plan is Ginger. Then she has to fall for a dumb rooster named Rocky, who lets everyone believe that he can teach them to fly while playing them around.

Will they escape? I don't care. The hens are all stupid and noisy, the Rocky rooster is irritating, and poor Ginger, who is the only thing I like about this movie, falls for Rocky. So much for female intelligence.

A homage to The Great Escape? Babe with wings? Smart script? Who cares? The chicken are ugly and irritating. Kill them all!

Rating: 13

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