Brotherhood Of The Wolf (2001)
Main cast: Samuel Le Bihan (Grégoire de Fronsac), Vincent Cassel (Jean-François de Morangias), Émilie Dequenne (Marianne de Morangias), Monica Bellucci (Sylvia), Jérémie Rénier (Thomas d'Apcher), Mark Dacascos (Mani), Jean Yanne (Le Comte de Morangias), Jean-François Stévenin (Henri Sardis)
Director: Christophe Gans

This silly lil' dick-flick combines period costumes, kung-fu, female nudity, and all the trite overused plot devices in every dick-flick that ever preceded it. There's the minority silent know-it-all sidekick (who's also an Iroquois with the usual affinity to nature thing, and yes, he meets the fate of all minority sidekicks in annoyingly trite dick flicks). The hero gets all the gals, doesn't really do much, but gets the happy ending anyway after the hapless sidekick does all the ass-kicking.

The plot? Uh, the White guy, Gorgeous Ballsack or whatever his name is, and his sidekick, Monkey (or is it Mani?), come over to some depraved area of France where a giant wolf is killing women that wear tight-fitting wondercorsets with amazing push-up effects. While slutting around through brothels, posing in lush and opulent mansions, and still looking pretty even when wading through mud and grime, our heroes seem to be reenacting some hazy smog dream thing one gets during a certain peak phase while riding the rails.

The Wolf, by the way, looks like something the props department stole from the mouldy collection of taxidermy rejects in some museum storeroom. Add in some really inane highbrow philosophy that is as deep as a puddle, and this is one silly piece of fluff that wears its B grade artistry on its sleeve. Not bad, although nothing beats some of the best stuff Hong Kong used to churn out in its glorious old days.

Rating: 70

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