Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 (2000)
Main cast: Kim Director (Kim), Jeffrey Donovan (Jeff), Erica Leerhsen (Erica), Tristine Skyler (Tristen), and Stephen Barker Turner (Stephen)
Director: Joe Berlinger


Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2 - the title sounds like a Diablo game, doesn't it? This second instalment to the overhyped The Blair Witch Project, the movie every movie snobs profess to love unconditionally, is as stupidly violent as a Diablo slice-and-dice game. But it is also so needlessly incoherent that it may just alienate the lowbrow gore-lovers it is pandering to (obviously the snobs would never ever EVER love this movie, not after the success of the first part).

In trying to balance commercial gore and artistic pretensions, this movie may just alienate everybody. It's boring, it's silly, and God, is that Kim woman irritating or what? Where do the movie folks find such irritating jabberwocky women? There's even gratuitous lesbianism for the guys to drool over.

The plot is simple: greedy youngsters capitalizing on tourist hype from the first movie find out for themselves how bad selling-out can be. Heads roll and get crushed like muffins. People get disemboweled. Wiccan runes and a hut in the woods. Things get really low when I start wondering how many times these movie folks have watched Evil Dead for - uh, "inspiration".

Maybe someone should make a part three, detailing just what happens when greedy people start selling out on a concept and make stupid movies. I'd love to play the killer lawn-mower granny.

Rating: 20

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