Blue Crush (2002)
Main cast: Kate Bosworth (Anne Marie Chadwick), Matthew Davis (Matt Tollman), Michelle Rodriguez (Eden), Sanoe Lake (Lena), and Mika Boorem (Penny Chadwick)
Director: John Stockwell

Girls in bikini! This is definitely a guy's movie. Blue Crush may pretend to have a plot - something about finding yourself and loving a cad of a football jock lifted out of a Sweet Valley High novel - but it is so painful and tritely done that it's best to just stick to the endless visuals of Kate Bosworth's head stuck on a professional surfer's body (the wonders of modern CGI technology) riding the waves like the most blatant sexual innuendo in the world. Even Ebert, the jailbait Emma-Watson lusting pervert, loves this movie. Don't be surprised if you find yourself watching this in a theatre filled with men wearing long raincoats.

Plot? Er, Anna Marie is some talented surfer babe in Hawaii who will understand and overcome her fear to win that ultimate surfer trophy. In the meantime, she has a thing with football dude Matt who is most likely just using her. Her friends Eden and Lena provide the obligatory Sassy Minority Dudettes Cheerleader moments. Lots of tired find yourself, be yourself, yadda yadda nonsense rule the day, with beautifully shot visuals of surfers and ocean scenes to break the monotony.

With the right cast, Stockwell can make a great movie (see Crazy/Beautiful). But Bosworth, Rodriguez, and other babes and dudes in swim suits have very little to do here other than to look good, and the pedestrian script doesn't help any. If prime young flesh is the only reason to watch this movie, then yes, Blue Crush is a great addition to one's movie collection. But to be honest, I'm just bored by the whole thing. I like my young men with a bit of wit and humor, not bland Seventeen/Abercrombie and Fitch poster boys like the ones here.

Rating: 50

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