Big Momma's House (2000)
Main cast: Martin Lawrence (Malcolm Turner/Big Momma), Nia Long (Sherry), Paul Giamatti (John), Ella Mitchell (the real Big Momma), and Terrence Dashon Howard (Lester)
Director: Raja Gosnell

Malcolm Turner is a cop who is a master in disguise. Hot on the trail of an escaped convicted bank robber, he trails after the con's ex-girlfriend Sherry. Sherry has wisely fled town with her son the moment she hears of Lester's newfound freedom, but little does she know that the bottom of her son's toy kit is crammed with Lester's loot. Lester will not let her and her son get away that easily.

She seeks sanctuary at her grandmother's place. Only somehow Big Momma has to get out of her town, and guess who ends up playing "Big Momma". Malcolm realizes that Sherry is innocent, falls for her, saves the day, the end.

That's it to say, really. Big Momma's House is along, limp, boring story that is so lacking in laugh that it is unbelievable. Unbelievably effective in curing sleeping disorders, that is. Lawrence and Long have some great chemistry, and their quiet moments are surprisingly sweet, but they end up getting totally lost under the mire of fat, flatulence, old nasty ladies, and excretory function jokes. Yucks. Fun for the very bored only.

Rating: 43

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