Bandits (2001)
Main cast: Bruce Willis (Joe Blake), Billy Bob Thornton (Terry Collins), Cate Blanchett (Kate Wheeler), and Troy Garity (Harvey Pollard)
Director: Barry Levinson

This movie doesn't know the good thing it has in Billy Bob Thornton's hilarious and charming potrayal of the hypochondriac and socially inept criminal Terry Collins. Instead, it believes that Bruce Willis is the cool guy here. Willis is just repeating the smug criminal role he has perfected, so his Joe Blake is as interesting as faded wallpaper.

Two criminals and apparently best buddies, Joe Blake and Terry Collins, break out of prison and embark on a bank robbery spree all across the country. Following Terry's brainwave, they will stake out at a bank, identify the bank manager, kidnap the bank manager that night, and make him or her open the bank and hand over the money the next morning. No problem.

They become so successful that America soon calls them the Sleepover Bandits and becomes infatuated with their antics.

Their downfall comes when a bored housewife named Kate (Cate Blanchett, suitably and wonderfully borderline psychotic in her role here) barges into them and ends up following them. Both men fall for her, and she, in turn, cannot choose between them. After all, both men make up one perfect man in her ideals.

Bandits is a formulaic "gee, look, smart plots by cool bandits outwitting the dumb cops!" crime spree movie, rescued by Thornton's impressive portrayal of Terry. Terry, who listens to disease infotapes while in cars, worries about brain tumors, and asks Joe to let him (Terry) keep Kate in a sweetest way possible, he just wins me over. Who cares about Joe and the rest of this movie? I just want my own Terry.

Terry? So cool and sexy, especially with that haircut from hell and those glasses. This movie? Well, it's okay, I guess, but right now I have a hankering to rhapsodize about vaginal infections while staring into Terry's deep, deep eyes. Swoon.

Rating: 60

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