The Art Of War (2000)
Main cast: Wesley Snipes (Shaw), Anne Archer (Eleanor Hooks), Maury Chaykin (Cappella), Marie Matiko (Julia), Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa (Chan), Michael Biehn (Bly), Donald Sutherland (Douglas Thomas), Liliana Komorowska (Novak), and James Hong (Ambassador Wu)
Director: Christian Duguay

Shih Tsu said in his book The Art Of War, "Destroy your enemy from within." Well, the folks behind this movie must have really hated themselves, because The Art Of War self destructs in one gory, ugly mess of lousy plots, inane dialogues, ridiculous stereotypings of Chinese and Americans, and enough putrefying acting to set back about two hundred years the careers of the people involved.

The whole inanity has some mumbo-jumbo UN conspiracy that controls world politics using some thuggish squad team led by Shaw. Shaw is framed for the murder of a Chinese ambassador, goes on the run, and draws up a team to clear his name. Lots of flying kicks and glasses shattering in slow-motion and our hero kicking butt in all his muscular glory - alas, all filmed in clumsy, inane execution that is more appropriate for a B grade Hong Kong action flick.

Everything further spirals into incoherency when it is revealed that the Chinese folks are behind the ambassador's death. I can just tune out and watch the kicking and boinking and coke-snorting shennigans going on on the screen, of course, but heck, even those scenes are devoid of any camp value.

What's left? Probably something unprintable in a family website (ha ha) like this.

Rating: 02

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