The Accidental Spy (2001)
Main cast: Jackie Chan (Bei), Eric Tsang (Many Liu), Carmen (Kim Min Jeong), Vivian Tsu (Yong), and Wu Hsing Kuo (Zen)
Director: Teddy Chan

Every Chinese New Year, my husband drags me to another Jackie Chan movie. The Accidental Spy is Chan's offering for 2001, and like all his recent jerk-off outputs, TAS is nothing more than an overpriced, flimsy excuse to take his fans for a joyride. Low on plot and high on stupidity, TAS drives home that Chan must be the new Tom Hanks of Asia minus the talent.

Jackie Chan plays Jackie Chan, or supposedly, Bei, a salesman with unexplained pugilistic skills and an inbuilt "radar" for trouble. Following his instinct, he foils a robbery and ends up a local hero on TV. A PI, Liu, tells him that he may be a long-lost son of a millionire, so Bei hies off to lands unknown. Daddy turns out to be an ex-spy with a vandetta against some sophisticated drug pushers, and Bei has to save the day with his tired slapstick punches.

Plot? Well, it's all about Jackie Chan, troll, beating up the bad guys in slapstick style. It's all about the ego of that man who insists that his female co-stars are young, pretty, and fall for an ugly troll like him. It's all about Jackie Chan, hero, who cares about Bei, it's JACKIE CHAN! And he wants you to drink a lot of Tiger beer, and he uses this movie to hawk that brand shamelessly. No surprise, Tiger pretty well made this movie after all, and Chan, the new spokesman for manufactured Jackie Chan (trademarked) crap movies, is more than happy to oblige.

This tired, dull, pedestrian, pathetically stupid, and pointless exercise in egomania and taking undiscriminating fans for a ride is all fluff and nary any substance. Waste of time.

Rating: 02

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