Moment of Weakness by Toni J Strawn

Posted by Mrs Giggles on October 18, 2015 in 4 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Contemporary

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Moment of Weakness by Toni J Strawn
Moment of Weakness by Toni J Strawn

Samhain Publishing, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-61923-064-4
Contemporary Romance, 2015


Abby Harkness may once had been the last to know when it comes to her now ex’s cheating ways (with her own sister!) but that doesn’t stop her from knowing what she wants and plotting to get her hands on that prize. She just has to guard her heart carefully from this time on.

Okay, Marcus Brookhein, a fellow consultant at her new workplace, is really hot with his smoldering “Come on, baby, take a ride!” ways and all, but Abby recognizes a heartbreaker when she sees one. No, it would be safer to cast her net at Logan, the HR manager, who’s hot and most likely a safer ride than Marcus. Of course, Marcus isn’t going to lose out to a jerk like Logan, so he lets Abby know that Logan has a fiancée and then swoops in to tell her that he’d like to play her game. One night, no strings attached, and that’s it. She plans to leave soon anyway, and she has no intention to see him again. So these two end up doing that in the boardroom itself.  For three hours! I’m sure there is a punchline in there somewhere, but my brain is a bit fried from all that sexual tension happening in the story, so I can’t think of one. I do pity the person who has to clean up the boardroom the next morning, though.

Is there a story here? The incessant sexy moments make a far bigger impression on me, and fortunately, it’s a favorable impression. The sexual tension is just delicious, and the boinking is just hot, made more enjoyable by the fact that there are two well-matched people playing the naughty games. No contrived “School me, I’m an innocent woman!” nonsense here, it’s all a delicious mix of teasing, toying, and getting all down and dirty with one another.

Oh wait, there is a story – the reason why I deduct one oogie from the final score at the end of the day. The heroine has trust issues, but the way the author has Abby deal with it is pretty… sad. Abby ends up shrieking that she can’t trust her sister anymore, and she had never trusted anyone as much as her sister before, so now she’s like Elsa trapped in a frozen castle but the CD player can’t play Let It Go due to technical issues. That whole scene is so over the top and corny that I am torn between cackling and cringing.

Still, Moment of Weakness is so much fun to read, so I can’t stay mad at it for long.

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