Mirror Image by Mima and Bonnie Dee

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Mirror Image by Mima and Bonnie Dee
Mirror Image by Mima and Bonnie Dee

Liquid Silver Books, $4.25, ISBN 978-1-59578-674-6
Sci-fi Erotica, 2010

The authors are either very daring or very foolish to start off Mirror Image with our heroine Mara Brannigan attempting to seduce two hunks for a mission only to end up getting woozy with drinks and second guessing herself.

Okay, the plot first. Right now there two Captains Frederick Ravenscraft running around the place due to their ship being caught in some kind of rare space storm. Mara’s mission is to escort them to the UGA headquarters so that those people can perform tests on our two heroes. She is already second guessing herself and wondering whether she should have sex with those two first instead of actually carrying out her mission when she follows them to their ship. These two men get physical with a disgruntled client, Mara decides to lend the men a hand, and blacks out from the effort. Beautiful.

Then again, I know Mara is doomed to be an idiot in this story when I read the limitations imposed by the authors on her.

Now here she was, seconds away from fulfilling her duty. She had to handle this carefully. The men weren’t criminals, just non-responders to a required scientific summons. She would formally inform the duo of her intent to escort them to UGA headquarters, and only if they refused would she introduce force if necessary. In the meantime that meant no threat by firearm or taser, no slapping on of cuffs.

Of course, when they tell her not to use firearms or tasers, naturally our heroine obeys such orders and leave those things at home.

Derrick and Red decide to take Mara, UGA Agent of the Year, with them as they flee the disgruntled client of theirs.

But meanwhile I’m on your turf. She could just imagine trying to explain herself and apprehending them here on their own ship.

Let me reintroduce myself. I’m Special Agent Mara Brannigan and I’ve tracked you down to bring you to the Unified Galactic Agency so they can study your anomaly. Be good citizens, Captains Ravenscraft. Want to come along without a fight?

Her stomach curdled. No. She didn’t want to humiliate them like that. Red’s confession aside, they weren’t criminals, and the UGA was asking for an intrusive study that must seem suspicious to them.

She doesn’t want to humiliate them? She went down for the count after tangling with a single random mook, and she now doesn’t want to humiliate the two men by taking the two of them down? Is she trying to make me laugh?

And on and the on the stupidity keeps coming until I feel like my brain has been put into a blender and pulped into mush.

Anyway, to keep things short so that I can quickly go lie down after writing this review, read this for the smutty threesome shag scenes and not for anything else. In fact, this story would have been a hundred times better if the authors have excised every scene that doesn’t involve penetration of body parts so that the reader can get her jollies with minimal collateral damage to her brain.

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