Mind How You Go by Skye

Posted by Mrs Giggles on February 22, 2006 in 4 Oogies, Music Reviews, Type: Urban Contemporary

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Mind How You Go by Skye
Mind How You Go by Skye

Urban Contemporary, 2006


Skye was once the lead singer of Morcheeba and she strikes out on her own with Mind How You Go. Musically, that are definitely shades of Morcheeba in this CD but that’s to be expected, I suppose, but from the first track Love Show to the closing track Jamaica Days, this is one beautiful mellow collection of songs to sit back and chill to.

Ms Skye’s voice is gentle and quietly husky, creating a simultaneously comforting and even hypnotic effect that can soothe the rawest nerves into a tranquil lull. The good thing is, while all eleven songs on this CD have the same calming effect, no two tracks sound the same. While many of them feature some beautiful layered vocal effects, each song has its own melody and story to tell. Not that the lyrics always make sense, of course, since we are talking about lyrics written by, ah, Europeans, but there is no denying that Solitary has a melancholic tinge to it while Tell Me About Your Day is an uplifting quiet song to hum along to while one is feeling good about life.

While there is nothing on Mind How You Go that will burn up the radios or send one out dancing on the dance floor, this CD is perfect for all those pretentious Buddha Bar moments when one wants to smoke weed, speak in a fake Mediterranean accent, and attempt to pick up beach boys. Seriously though, even in more mundane moments while one is in need of some winding up after a long day at work or something like that, Mind How You Go will be perfect for the occasion. It’s smooth, mellow, calming, and even therapeutic. People looking for fast music may want to skip this, but anyone looking for a quiet slice of musical heaven may want to give this a spin or two.

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