Meagan’s Chance by LC Monroe

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Meagan's Chance by LC Monroe
Meagan’s Chance by LC Monroe

Samhain Publishing, $5.50, ISBN 1-59998-478-X
Contemporary Romance, 2007

Meagan’s Chance is an inspirational romance. Now, don’t run away, this one isn’t filled with very conservative or fundamentalist religious themes that will alienate anyone who doesn’t share similar beliefs. LC Monroe, after all, also writes as Lucy Monroe, so her stories won’t be too scary for non-believers.

Meagan O’Hare’s day takes the turn from bad to strange. First, her tire blows up while she’s on the road and she realizes that she doesn’t have the right tire iron to change that thing. She walks to the nearest place to ask for help, only to be mistaken as the new nanny for the two kids that live in that house. The current nanny taking care of the kids rushes off to be by her daughter’s side (the daughter has just gone into labor) before Meagan can calm the nanny down and explain that Meagan is not the new nanny, so the poor dear is stuck with the two kids until their father comes home.

It soon turns out that Adam McCallister and she have some mutual acquaintances so even when the mistake is sorted out, she and Adam won’t be seeing the last of each other. The conflict is something about Adam and Meagan being very different in terms of personality, but I personally feel that these two characters aren’t really that different. They both love kids and want kids, although in Meagan’s case, she’s barren. Needless to say, Meagan’s ex cheated on her and knocked up the woman he’s been sleeping with behind her back, so Meagan’s pretty predictable that way. As for Adam, his father was a drunkard so now he’s a driven man determined to provide the best home for his kids.

Both characters are pretty level-headed and reasonable, although they can be quite slow when it comes to realizing that the other person reciprocates their affections. However, the story moves so slowly that a dozen page or so can pass before there is a change of scene. Also, the two kids can be nauseating if you are not fond of sappy plot devices that say and carry out the most corny and cringe-inducing things around to matchmake the adults.

To conclude, Meagan’s Chance is a readable but at the same time pretty forgettable story.

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