Look, We Have a Patreon Page Too!

Posted March 29, 2017 by Mrs Giggles in Rants & Thoughts / 4 Comments

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Let's Make Money, Honey by Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood
Let’s Make Money, Honey by Barry Silverstein and Sharon Wood

If you have been coming here often, you may notice that I don’t monetize this website much. Aside from the Amazon affiliate links, there is no income generated. In fact, since the day this website was launched back in 1999, I had this belief that I won’t do this for anything more than fun. Any income from Amazon affiliate links and, at one time, Google adsense program allowed me to pay off the hosting fees and/or get a book or two from Amazon, and I was fine with that. I paid out of my own pockets for the website, and I was fine with that.

Until the Malaysian currency, Ringgit, took a freefall since a year or two ago, and now, I am facing a situation in which the cost of maintaining the website is far higher than I’m comfortable with. Book prices have gone up, thanks to the more disadvantageous conversion of Euros, pounds, and US dollars to the Ringgit. Now that this website has a WordPress platform, it is a more resource intensive hog, so my web hosting fees have gone from paying RM90 a year to RM80 a month. That’s not counting domain renewal and yearly payment for website security (that’s the reason why this website now has “https” instead of just “http”). I’d also like to have some money left over for books, movies, and music, but as you may have noticed, I’m reviewing from a smaller pool of authors than before because my money no longer stretches far enough to try out as many new authors as I’d have liked.

So, I’ve reached a point where I’m dreadfully embarrassed but I’ve set up a Patreon account like everyone else online these days. The good news is, given how low the Ringgit is, even 1 US dollar will go a long way on my end. Therefore, if you can donate 1 US dollar to me a month, it’d go some way to help me defray the costs of maintaining this website and giving me more cash to spend on books and other things to review.

Now, you may be asking – why don’t I get free books from Netgalley. Simple: one, getting approval from publishers to let me have a look at their books is a drag, as I need to share things like the number of social media followers that I have, the number of visitors to the website, etc.; two, many publishers prefer US-only reviewers or bloggers (heaven knows why, but there you go); three, some – even the big ones, especially the big ones –  require the reviews to be posted on Amazon, Goodreads, etc as well. Also, I like buying things to review – it makes me feel more in control of my opinion without getting too worried that the source of free books would frown and cut off ties with me. I feel like I can be more honest and say the things that I really think, and I’d like to keep it that way for as long as possible.

So, if you wish to help out, you can drop by the Patreon page. I don’t have the resources to offer cool rewards like posters, previews, and such, only my gratitude and a few tokens of appreciation.

You don’t have to contribute anything, really, if you don’t want to. The fact that you visit and read the stuff here is normally good enough for me, and I won’t change that for the world. But if you want to help out a little, then I really, really thank you!

PS: If you’re curious, I ditched Google adsense because, one, the ads are hideous and two, most of them are useless ads for even more useless services like Author Solutions. Also, they keep sending me annoying automated emails warning me that my reviews of erotic works and saucy language are considered “unacceptable” by their terms of service, so in the end, I just kick them out the door.

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4 responses to “Look, We Have a Patreon Page Too!

  1. Jo-Ann W.

    So I’ve tried twice to contribute to you, but Patreon won’t let me, saying I don’t have permission to contribute to this creator (you). If that gets fixed, I’ll try again. Sorry!

  2. Hmm, I don’t have any setting that prevents any contribution, so this is weird. I will see what I can do, but thanks all the same for your kind intention!

  3. trish

    I also tried to contribute but Patreon via paypal but gave me error message saying could not process. Tried twice. Do you just have a plain paypal account to send money to?

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