Liger Games by Jan Darby

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Liger Games by Jan Darby
Liger Games by Jan Darby

Liquid Silver Books, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-59578-626-5
Paranormal Romance, 2009


Jan Darby’s Liger Games is a novella that has me scratching my head. Perhaps it’s the length constraint, or perhaps I am just missing something, but the story feels incomplete in some way.

Liger, by the way, is the name used to describe the result of a mating between a tiger and a lion. The hero, Mark, is a shapeshifting liger. When the story opens, he stalks our heroine Emily Carter, scaring her witless. I find that scene more disturbing than anything, but perhaps that’s because I am missing the point by not automatically finding any creature with fur sexy. At any rate, Mark’s mission to get himself adopted by Emily in his liger form so that he can shift into human form and play with Emily in a more agreeable manner. Don’t ask me why he can’t just shift to human form, bathe, put on some cologne, and ask Emily out for a date. Maybe I’m just too pragmatic for such stories.

At any rate, Emily is soon playing with Mark, they are in love, and oh, some subplot in the form of a blogger trying to target Emily’s employer comes up to provide some story to go along with the shagging.

Emily’s reaction doesn’t always ring true considering her situation, I don’t know anything about these characters other than they have happy sex frequently in this story, and the plot is just there. Perhaps if Liger Games had been longer, it would have been a better story. As it is, this one just feels short and incomplete.

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