In the Groove (1994)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on March 4, 2018 in 1 Oogie, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Tales from the Crypt

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In the Groove (1994)
In the Groove (1994)

Main cast: Miguel Ferrer (Gary), Linda Doucett (Valerie), Wendie Malick (Rita), and John Kassir (The Crypt Keeper)
Director: Vincent Spano

Oh, Officer Fine directed this episode. Unfortunately, he is not in this one, naked, or else things may be salvaged. In the Groove is a singularly nonsensical tale that serves no purpose other than to showcase how dire the sixth season of Tales from the Crypt is shaping up to be.

Shock jock Gary has a 100% pure hate relationship with his sister Rita. Rita owns the radio station, and she is rubbing her hands in glee as the ratings of Gary’s show Grover’s Graveyard continues to plummet even as sponsors bail in droves, just itching to cancel the show for good. No, wait. she doesn’t want to cancel it. She’s just going to sit on the show, not allowing it to air, and hence, Gary will not be able to take himself or the show to any other radio station due to contractual reasons. How fiendishly clever!

Then again, is it any wonder that Gary’s show is tanking? He spends his airtime talking about sex with paranormal entities when he’s not asking people to call in and share their salacious stories. It’s like porn with a constant voiceover by an annoying douchebag. Who wants to listen to that kind of crap?

But things look up when his new PA, Valerie, proves to be an adept sidekick as the two of them soon start making moaning noises and acting like they’re having sex over the airwaves. Soon, they’re actually having sex while the show is on. The ratings go up, apparently because there are many desperate people out there, but Rita is still looking for a way to shut Gary down and out for good. He decides that his sister will have to be removed out of existence. Valerie, interestingly enough, is all for it.

It is easy to see the betrayal coming, and that’s basically the plot of this entire episode. Unpleasant arse gets screwed by unpleasant arses, how nice. In the Groove is like that episode that even The Red Shoe Diaries wouldn’t take, and heaven knows just how out of ideas the people behind this show have to be to think that this would make a good episode. I mean, just look at the very premise!

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