In Sickness and in Health (2008)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on April 20, 2018 in 3 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: Fear Itself

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In Sickness and in Health (2008)
In Sickness and in Health (2008)

Main cast: Maggie Lawson (Samantha), James Roday (Carlos), Marshall Bell (Uncle Bob), Sonja Bennett (Ruthie), William B Davis (Father Chris), Christie Laing (Kelly), Tommy Lim (Alan), and Brendan Hunter (Steven)
Director: John Landis

Samantha is marrying Carlos after what seems like a whirlwind courtship. Okay, the groom-to-be is late, and her own brother is nowhere to be seen. And some of her friends admit that there are concerns that she is marrying too quickly, especially since Samantha has a history of dreadful boyfriends that eventually vanished. But bridal jitters set in hard when a note arrives that says simply, “The person you are marrying is a serial killer.” Oh god, and then Carlos begins acting odd and… oh god. What follows is an increasingly madcap mess that tries to be a dark comedy of sorts.

To be fair, In Sickness and in Health is a pretty watchable episode. James Roday does a bang-up job playing a mild-mannered nice guy that seems increasingly deranged as the minutes tick by, while the twist is actually a well done one. But Maggie Lawson plays her character in such a way that Samantha can be grating on the nerves to watch, and that’s even after I try to remember that she’s getting married and hence her nerves are probably all over the place.

But what is more problematic is how the episode throws away some big clues about the upcoming twist in a shockingly casual manner. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen many anthology creep show episodes so I am somehow “trained” to spot such clues, but it’s not long before I manage to correctly guess the twist. The rest of the episode is just me throwing not to gnash my teeth too much as Maggie Lawson makes Samantha as tiresome to watch as can be.

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