Holly-Day by Celia Kyle

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Holly-Day by Celia Kyle
Holly-Day by Celia Kyle

Liquid Silver Books, $3.99, ISBN 978-1-59578-645-6
Fantasy Romance, 2009

The demon babies in Hell decide that they should also celebrate some kind of holiday as Christmas approaches. Oh no, Satan decides that they will not celebrate Christmas, they will celebrate… ah yes, “a gift giving occasion popularized by card makers”. Of course, to have a party to remember, they need lots of merry decorations, fun gifts, and party games. The Lord of Hell decides to nominate one of the many demons called Damon – Damon Damas in this case – as his ambassador to get a human to come down to Hell to arrange the whole thing.

Damon is awkward and even shy around humans, so he’s not exactly the best demon your money can buy. Still, he manages to locate Holly Boughs who has just finished adding touches to a Christmas window display. It has been a long night and she’s not in the best of moods, so poor Holly is not exactly beaming with joy when she is brought to Hell to help with the decorating. Of course, having a hot demon hovering nearby does wonders at making a lady feel better…

Holly-Day should have been a full length novel instead of a short story. I love the Hell as depicted in this story and the humor is wonderful. Ms Kyle is in top form and she has me laughing out loud so hard early in the story. The Satan here could have given the equally adorable Satan in Stephanie Rowe’s Immortally Sexy series a run for his money. Holly is a fun heroine, Damon is just so adorable…

And the story is rushed to its conclusion so fast that it is as if Ms Kyle had an important train to catch so she needed to finish this story ASAP.

Should have been a full length story, this. In its current form, it’s a fun breezy read, but it’s also disappointingly truncated, leaving me wanting more.

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