High Stakes by Justine Dare

Posted by Mrs Giggles on December 1, 2001 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Crime & Suspense

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High Stakes by Justine Dare
High Stakes by Justine Dare

Onyx, $6.99, ISBN 0-451-41011-4
Romantic Suspense, 2001


Okay, I know that this is a well-written book. But dang it, my attention keeps wandering to other things while I am reading this book. Like The Amazing Race and how I will live my evenings now that there’re no handsome lawyers, obnoxious Guidos, loud pushy Frank and his dumb but charming wife Margaretta, the two adorable baldies of New York, whiny Emily and her mom… You know, I’d love to take part in that show myself, if they ever open the show to non-US contestants. My team will blow everybody to dust, I tell you.

You know, what’s up with The X-Files and what the heck did they do to Cary Elwes? He is so boring in that show! Chris Carter is such a hateful twat for killing off all my fond memories of Dana Scully and Fox Mulder. In my mind, Scully was never pregnant, and that weepy TV-evangelist soap heroine that is the now Scully never existed.

And I think I need help. I’m starting to like Roswell.

Will Michael Weatherly, the Captain EO of Dark Angel, marry me? Now that’s a prime cross of nerd and hunk, I tell you. What’s up with Jessica Alba? Two seasons in and she still can’t get an expression? Oh, and she’s sleeping with Mr Weatherly. Lucky her. Hmmph!

Oh, what? The book? Oh, okay. High Stakes. There’s a heroine on the run and her name is Shelby Wyatt. She’s a tough orphan who is taken in by a nice older woman and she repays this woman by killing the woman’s blackmailer. Or did she? Stay tuned to find out.

She tries to blend into the crowd at Aaron Montana’s casino in Nevada. A casino, hmm? Why not just run off to Mexico? Anyway, she wins twenty-five thousand dollars in a jackpot and blows her cover. Run, Shelby run. $25,000 – is that enough to hire herself some lawyers? Probably not.

Anyway, Aaron sees her from the security camera, and puzzled as to why anyone would flee from a $25,000 winning, he decides to track her down. He’s a nice guy. Most casino owners I know will thank their lucky stars.

Anyway, yeah, Aaron has a past but he’s a nice guy. Shelby has a past but she’s mostly scared. There’s also other secondary characters and all hog the limelight. It makes a decent mystery, but it prevents me from fully getting a grip on any one character. Therefore the ease I keep putting down the book to do other things, like watching TV and reading non-romance books.

So yes, I know this is a well-written book. But from a visceral point of view, I really don’t find this book interesting at all. Too easy to put down, too easy to forget. Oh well.

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