Ghost Hunter
by Edward Packard, paranormal (1986)
Bantam Books, $3.50, ISBN 0-553-26983-6

Ghost Hunter is a sequel to a very early gamebook in this series, Who Killed Harlowe Thrombey?, but you don't have to be familiar with that one to play this one. As with all Choose Your Own Adventure gamebooks, this one boasts a very simple premise and uncomplicated writing.

After you have solved the Harlowe Thrombey murder case, you decide that a change of gig, from private investigator to ghost hunter, is in order. It isn't long before you are offered a few choices for your first ghost hunting gig. Your old friend Jenny is going to check out a haunted house and she could use your help. Jane Thrombey's niece, Sylvia Ruston, would like you to help her locate some diamonds in the old Thrombey mansion (clearly, she hasn't heard of your career change). Howard Grimstone, the new owner of the Thrombey mansion, would like you to find out whether the house is haunted. So what will it be for you?

Ghost Hunter is actually pretty good fun as the story lines here for the most part are substantial and long enough to be satisfying. While there are plenty of clichéd elements here, from diamonds to haunted basements to gangsters and more, the whole thing comes together very well. The only downside here is that if you are expecting a more over the top adventure involving manic ghosts and plasma beams, because this one is more of a mystery with ghosts than a who-do-you-call-GHOSTBUSTERS! adventure. Still, not bad at all, this one.

One oogie! One oogie! One oogie! One oogie!

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