by Len Neufeld, futuristic (1985)
Bantam Books, $1.95, ISBN 0553248944

You are an Interplanetary Spy, and after all your previous successes, you are now promoted to Level 3, whatever that means. Yay! Naturally, there is no time to celebrate as you have to embark on a very important mission ASAP. You see, a "criminal" named Skystalker is on the loose, having stolen an ancient Romular Sphere because it is made from a precious and very rare metal. Fine, but what Skystalker doesn't know is that inside the Sphere is a substance called negatrol, which is dangerous because it will turn everything it comes into contact with into negatrol! Oh no, imagine the whole galaxy turned into negatrol! Yes, you can stop laughing now. You must return the Sphere to the rightful owners, although it's not like they were so good in taking care of it in the first place.

There is an adorable frog-like alien ally here, but the whole campaign is pretty silly even for a gamebook of this series. The bad guy leaves a bunch of his enemies running around in his hideout... really? The whole campaign is just a dull and flumsy excuse for you to solve some frivolous and unexciting puzzles. The whole campaign turns out to be a most uninspired and lackluster affair, with very little fun factor to be found.

One oogie!

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