Monsters Of Doorna
by Seth McEvoy, futuristic (1983)
Bantam Books, $2.25, ISBN 0-553-23941-4

Once again, as an Interplanetary Spy, you are once again summoned by the Interplanetary Spy Center for an urgent mission. Upon arriving at the planet Alvare, you are told that a mysterious SOS call had been received from a giant space radio tower in Doorna. It seems like the Setali, the mysterious natives of that planet, had been under attacked by... something. What that something is, you'd have to find out and report to your boss. The thing is, no Spy has ever been to Doorna... until now!

Monsters Of Doorna doesn't have much of a plot to it as this campaign is mostly a sequence of pitfalls, resulting in a barrage of puzzles for you to solve. There are some amusing bad endings, especially the one where you end up being caught in a traffic jam and reached Doorna too late as a result to do anything, but beware, the puzzles can be very tricky at places!

The lack of plot aside, the campaign is nonetheless an exciting one to play, thanks to the challenging puzzles and the constant rush against time. Monsters Of Doorna won't be the best gamebook in terms of substance, but it sure is fun to play, and that is good enough for me,

One oogie! One oogie! One oogie! One oogie!

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