The Goblin Forest
by Estelion, fantasy (2012)
Estelion, $1.99, ISBN N/A

The Goblin Forest basically strands your character in a Choose Your Own Adventure-style story where you survive a crash only to be stuck in an island full of murderous and probably insane goblins. This is a very pretty iOs gamebook, with gorgeous colors and illustrations.

Only, I have exhausted all possible options and they all lead me to the same conclusion: death by water nymph. Perhaps there is a bug, as the two options available in one page both lead to this same death scene, but either way, it looks like I've wasted $1.99 on an unwinnable piece of crock. And during each replay attempt, I have to read the same few dozen pages again and again until I'm completely sick and tired of this nonsense, and want to scream just like that idiot merchant encountered early on.

How do they say it again? Oh yes, epic fail.

One oogie!

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