Terror On Kabran
by Richard Brightfield, futuristic (1986)
Bantam, $2.50, ISBN 0-553-25636-X

Terror On Kabran... what terror? Since this is part of the Choose Your Own Adventure line of gamebooks, the chances of anything genuinely terrifying happening here are as likely as Asmodeus and Pelor becoming bosom drinking buddies.

The story so far: you are a space cadet from Earth who finds himself stranded on the supposedly deadly planet Tenopia, looking for a way back to Earth. In the third entry in this Escape From Tenopia series, you finally find yourself on the continent of Kabran. Somewhere in Kabran, there is a Galactic Patrol Station that will harbor that spacecraft that will let you go home. But also on Tenopia is the base of the infamous pirates that give this planet a bad name! Get your wandering shoes on, because it's time to go round and round and round until you stumble upon the correct way out of this repetitive campaign.

This one isn't any different from the previous gamebooks in this series - you have no clue where you are going and you will be coming back to the same places several times. There will be contrived and implausible scenarios to explain how you can keep getting captured by pirates again and again, and after a while, if you are over the age of twelve, you will wonder whether you should be doing something - anything - more interesting than wading through this campaign. If the author had allowed for more interactivity or even inventory keeping instead of merely settling for turning the pages, this one may be interesting. But as it is, this one is just boredom up the caboose.

One oogie! One oogie! One oogie!

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