Frat House Rulez by Kayci Morgan

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Frat House Rulez by Kayci Morgan
Frat House Rulez by Kayci Morgan

Forbidden Lust Press, $2.99
Contemporary Erotica, 2014


Frat House Rulez follows the adventures of our hero, Mark, as he undergoes the initiation ceremony to become a member of Lambda Alpha Upsilon. He needs a place to stay for free, you see, as he won’t be able to afford college otherwise, and the LAY member Eric, an online acquaintance, recommends the frat as an option. It is only when the ceremony begins and his rear end gets paddled does he realize that he’d forgotten to check why LAU is called LAY by its members – LAU is a gay fraternity. Mark is pretty sure that he doesn’t swing that way, but maybe… maybe he can go through the whole initiation thing anyway? He really wants a college education.

Okay, the plot sounds like this is going to be one of those pornographic movies from Fraternity X, but this is actually an unexpectedly sweet story. In fact, I am charmed by the underlying camaraderie and even friendship between Mark and his buddies as well as Big Brothers. Then again, I suppose I’d be having great camaraderie with everyone too if I’m part of a happy party with all the hot guys in the house. While the characterization isn’t too deep, the whole story has a vibe akin to those lighthearted teens-and-sex flicks like Van Wilder or Risky Business, although the characters here naturally do things that are far more explicit than anything in those movies. Indeed, Mark has an air of… innocence, for a want of a better word, but at the same time the author portrays his naïveté in a way that is charming rather than creepy child-like or irritating.

In fact, if I have one complaint, it’s that this one isn’t as raunchy as I’d have liked, especially for something marketed as an erotica. I expected more…  I don’t know, messy dickpiggery, like a big party where Mark becomes everyone’s best friend in one grand finale, perhaps. But if all that happens, I suppose then this one won’t have its endearing air of easygoing friendships-with-benefits in quite the same manner anymore.

Anyway, Frat House Rulez is a pleasant fun read. Its vibe leans a bit more towards Porky’s than Fraternity Ass-Slammers Gang Bang, despite the presence of some naughty scenes, so I’m not sure how readers looking for raunchy stuff would feel about it. Maybe it’s best everyone adjusts his or her expectations a bit before reading this one.

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