Forever by Shayla Kersten

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Forever by Shayla Kersten
Forever by Shayla Kersten

Liquid Silver Books, $5.25, ISBN 978-1-59578-410-0
Contemporary Erotica, 2007

This is a sequel to Thirty Days which is a great gay BDSM romance according to some people that I know of online. I haven’t read that book, which means I probably shouldn’t be reading Forever as a result. However, there are enough information here about the previous story for me to piece together the main events that happened in the previous book.

In this story, Cavan was a formerly abused submissive who is most likely going to be called to testify against his ex-boyfriend in court. His new boyfriend and Dom is Biton Savakis. There are some problems in the home front though as Cavan’s shrink is trying to get her client to renounce his submissive lifestyle and become “normal”, which causes Cavan to become even more depressed and withdrawn from Biton.

I have a hard time appreciating Cavan as a character. He’s always crying or in need of emotional support that I wonder whether this fellow can even pull on his socks by himself without suffering a nervous breakdown. At least in this story it makes sense that he has Biton has his boyfriend because Biton is really his father as much as master in this dysfunctional relationship. At least Cavan is just utterly spineless and dysfunctional without throwing diva tantrums though, which makes him somewhat better than some yaoi princesses I can think of. I just don’t think that Cavan is ready for a relationship of any kind yet. He’s too damaged.

But at the end of the day, Forever feels like an unnecessary sequel. There are some sex scenes here, some scenes of Biton giving Cavan emotional support, and a hasty wrap-up of Cavan’s problems with his ex-boyfriend and his shrink. This is a short story that wraps up things rather than tells a story, so it also feels rather pointless if the reader isn’t already enamored of Thirty Days and won’t mind getting this for a definite affirmation that those two characters are going to be fine.

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