Feel the Fire by Diana DeRicci

Posted by Mrs Giggles on June 18, 2009 in 3 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Fantasy & Sci-fi

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Feel the Fire by Diana DeRicci
Feel the Fire by Diana DeRicci

Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-616-6
Fantasy Romance, 2009


Let me say this: you have better be in a real mood to enjoy an erotic paranormal romance when you read Feel the Fire, because it’s short on story but very heavy in the bedroom rumba sessions.

Rob Parr lives about five hours from Maddie’s place. They think they are better off friends than lovers, so they have never really done the dirty… until recently. Their phone calls had become more and more saucy in nature, and when the story opens, Rob shows up at the doorstep when what he calls a “five hour boner”. You can guess what happens next, I’m sure. Later, much later, I learn that Maddie has two creepy overprotective brothers who bully everyone into leaving poor Maddie alone.

After sorting that out, Rob then tells Maddie that all he wants is her love… but you know, oops, he can’t stay, because he and his sister have some issues. (Eeeuw, not that kind of issues, don’t be a pervert.) Instead of telling him to shove her love up his rear end and hope that the bleeding isn’t fatal, she gives him more bedroom rumba. Then I get some scenes of paranormal woo-woo, but to be honest, I have no idea what all that is about, since I can’t remember much about the previous related story and there aren’t enough background details here to help me fill in the blanks. This story could have been just fine if the hero and the heroine didn’t have a single drop of Kin blood in them – in fact, I think the story will be less confusing if the woo-woo bits are removed and the whole thing is modified into a straightforward contemporary romance.

Apart from the sex scenes, Feel the Fire doesn’t have much else to offer. As a story, it feels incomplete and disjointed. You know what this story is good for, so it’s up to you to figure out whether you want what it is offering.

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