Feast (2005)

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Feast (2005)
Feast (2005)

Main cast: Balthazar Getty (Bozo), Henry Rollins (Coach), Navi Rawat (Heroine), Judah Friedlander (Beer Guy), Josh Zuckerman (Hot Wheels), Jason Mewes (Edgy Cat), Jenny Wade (Honey Pie), Krista Allen (Tuffy), Clu Gulager (Bartender), Anthony ‘Treach’ Criss (Vet), Eric Dane (Hero), Diane Goldner (Harley Mom), Tyler Patrick Jones (Cody), Eileen Ryan (Grandma), and Duane Whitaker (Boss Man)
Director: John Gulager

Feast (2005)Feast (2005)Feast (2005)Feast (2005)

For a low budget gore-drenched monster movie, Feast somehow manages to boast that it has Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Wes Craven as executive producers. Of course, they are onboard due to the Project Greenlight connection, but still, writers Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan have come up with a most amusing comedy horror.

The story is simple. A bunch of folks are having what seems to be a typical evening at a bar owned by Boss Man when they are interrupted by a fellow that this movie calls simply the Hero. The Hero warns that there are a couple of monsters right on his tail and if these people don’t defend themselves, they will all die. Nobody believes him, at first, but they soon do when the monsters show up to bite off his head. Fortunately, the Hero’s wife, called naturally the Heroine, shows up shortly after and she manages to get the crew to hold back the monsters and barricade themselves in the bar. Unfortunately, they can’t just stay in the bar all night. Alas, there seems to be no way out as well…

This movie is very gory, I have better warn you guys, with heads and body parts flying all over the place. But what elevates this movie from being a typical gore porn is the script, which revels in subverting all the clichés associated with the horror genre. And just as you believe that you have determined the “pattern” this movie follows, it cheerfully changes tracks and surprise you again. This movie is positively adorable in how it makes the characters do some truly horrifying things as well. And best of all, it makes me laugh. Sometimes I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help it. This movie is so twisted, I can’t resist.

There isn’t much to the script – there is no clear back story on the origins of the monsters, just a bunch of mostly losers and low lives trying desperately to survive the night. But there is plenty here to enjoy for those with the fortitude to stomach all the carnage – the macabre humor, the way the movie simultaneously pays homage to and skewers other movies of its genre, and, of course, the gore. As a most unexpected gem, Feast is indeed a delight.

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