Face to Face (1984)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on April 27, 2019 in 2 Oogies, Idiot Box Reviews, Series: The Hitchhiker

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Face to Face (1984)
Face to Face (1984)

Main cast: Robert Vaughan (Dr Christopher Hamilton), Sonja Smits (Nina Russell), Robin Greer (Tess), Arthur Corber (Dr Gold), Michelle Scarabelli (Dr Ensman), Sybil Danning (Gloria), and Page Fletcher (The Hitchhiker)
Director: David Wickes

Face to Face (1984)Face to Face (1984)

David Wickes sure knows how to set up steamy softcore sex scenes nicely, but I’m pretty sure Face to Face is meant to be a bit more than that. Unfortunately, while Sybil Danning looks good in and out of her clothes, the other fellow who is getting down in those scenes are the late Robert Vaughan who was in his sixties when he filmed this episode. Let’s just say that I’m trying not to look at him but yikes, he’s… quite prominent in those scenes.

Mr Vaughan plays Dr Christopher Hamilton who agrees to perform a “very complicated” surgery on trans woman Nina Russell’s face – he is one of a very small handful of people like him could do facial feminization surgery. Unfortunately for Nina, he is an arrogant SOB who eventually decides to party away with Gloria, showing up for the surgery with trembling hands and a bad hangover. I’m sure you can guess what happens next.

There, I’ve described almost the entire episode. The whole thing is ten or so minutes of story stretched out and padded with pointless scenes of Dr Hamilton acting like an ass and showing off the fact that maybe men his age shouldn’t do sexy love scenes unless he’d taken the effort to look sexy first. The whole thing is soft porn, only with a bloke who has no right to be doing such scenes. Given that the denouement is predictable, the entire episode ends up a slow-moving bore of a crawl inching towards a pay-off that is obvious from the start.

Watch this only for Sybil Danning getting down with business. Then again, she gets down a lot in other trashy, campy B-grade fare out there, so I don’t know why anyone would watch this episode for her when she has shown more of herself in those more entertaining flicks!

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