Evil Aliens (2005)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on October 10, 2006 in 4 Oogies, Film Reviews, Genre: Horror & Monster

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Evil Aliens (2005)
Evil Aliens (2005)

Main cast: Emily Booth (Michelle Fox), Jamie Honeybourne (Gavin Gorman), Sam Butler (Ricky Anderson), Jodie Shaw (Candy Vixen), Peter McNeil O’Connor (Jack Campbell), Nick Smithers (Bruce Barton), Christopher Adamson (Llyr Williams), Jennifer Evans (Cat Williams), Mark Richard Hayes (Dai Williams), Chris Thomas (Thomas Williams), and Norman Lovett (Howard Marsden)
Director: Jake West

Evil Aliens (2005)Evil Aliens (2005)Evil Aliens (2005)Evil Aliens (2005)

Written and directed by Jake West, one of the top dogs in British horror, Evil Aliens is a deliciously campy, vile, and nasty sci-fi/horror flick that makes no pretenses of its raison d’etre: to viciously mutilate and murder its victims in various horrifying and yet hilarious styles. The opening scene, which features a man sodomized to death with a drill during an alien probe session, is a good representation of the rest of the movie.

Cat Williams, the girlfriend of the above poor sod, survives the alien abduction, but she is implanted with a fast growing baby alien. Hearing news of this, Michelle Fox, the host of the paranormal “documentary” Weird Worlde, brings along a crew in hopes of saving the show and her career from its downward ratings spiral. Ricky, her boyfriend, is the cameraman while Jack is the sound man. Rounding up the crew are Gavin Gorman, the resident UFO “expert” who is the president of his own alien investigation committee and the failed actors Candy and Bruce who will reenact the “abduction” in a sexier manner. Cat’s redneck brothers are the least of this crew’s problems, especially when the aliens show up and carnage ensues.

Oh my, this movie really delivers the gore in spades. No, make that in truckloads as everything from disembowelment to worse is gleefully presented here. There is nothing too politically correct or sacred here – everything goes. The comedy is touch and go, as often the lines are more corny than anything else, but the best comedy comes from the gratuitous violence and gore. Yes, the disgusting stuff can also be funny, although it’s the kind of funny that makes me feel that I’m going to hell after this. The cast is pretty competent as they have the comedic timing down pat even as their characters are subjected to some of the worst and most painful fatal indignities known to man.

Utterly camp, amazingly profane, and oh so nasty, Evil Aliens is a splatter film in top form. It’s just too much for words!

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