Eurotrip (2004)

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Eurotrip (2004)
Eurotrip (2004)

Main cast: Scott Mechlowicz (Scott Thomas), Jacob Pitts (Cooper Harris), Kristin Kreuk (Fiona), Michelle Trachtenberg (Jenny), Travis Wester (Jamie), and Jessica Boehrs (Mieke)
Director: Jeff Schaffer

Eurotrip is a flat, formulaic gross-out teen comedy that arrives four years too late. While filled with tasteless nudity and unfunny gross gags, it does manage to score some cheap laughs at the expense of David Hasselhoff. But nothing else about this movie is worth a glance.

Idiot Scott Thomas is publicly ditched and later humiliated by her girlfriend Fiona who prefers to play groupies to the local band members than to stay faithful to the dull and predictable Scott. After mistaking his German penpal Mieke for a guy and giving Mieke the fuck-off when Mieke proposes that they get together, he realizes his mistake and decides to go to Berlin to look for her, apologize, and get laid, in that order. He is accompanied by the requisite sex fiend buddy Cooper (Jacob Pitts better enrol in some reconstructive surgery because he’ll be David Spade in three years) and they meet their friends, the tomboy Jenny and her twin brother Jamie, for madcap adventures.

Scott is bland and dull, Cooper is David Spade in three years and I feel sorry for him already, and Jamie is nondescript. Only Jenny comes off as mildly interesting because she’s not a good girl waiting in the wings for someone to notice her that one normally expects to find playing the lead in this kind of movies. She is, in fact, looking for a good time and is the only character not too predictable and formulaic in this movie. Someone really needs to feed Michelle Trachtenberg, though. I know she needs to save money now that the paychecks from Joss Whedon aren’t coming anymore, but ribcages are not sexy, never are.

The gags are ineptly staged and barely funny because the punchlines can be seen coming a mile away. The jokes and one-liners fail to raise a chuckle from me because they are dull rehashes from gross-out teen comedies that come before it. Maybe Eurotrip will be halfway funny if it isn’t so formulaic. Cameos by Lucy Lawless, Vinnie Jones, and Matt Damon, among others, add nothing to this movie.

Typical of the filmmakers’ short-sightedness, the female nudity in this movie is meant to turn on the pervs while the male nudity is supposed to gross-out or raise laughs from the supposedly male audience. While the sight of a huge group of naked, fat men is not something I see in a typical mainstream movie everyday, I can’t help feeling cheated by the fact that these idiots behind the camera can’t even show me a good-looking naked man to make up for this wretchedly unfunny movie.

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