You Ask, I Answer

Email address!

Will you respond to my email?
Due to the high volume of email I receive daily, I only reply to those that really need a response. But I appreciate all emails, even the flames, so don't be shy.

Can you review my books?
I am currently swamped with a huge ebook backlog, so I can only accept review requests if you are willing to send me a physical book. I live in Malaysia, by the way, so the postage may be steep!

How do I advertise or get interviewed on your website?
I'd love to get your money, but I don't have the time or energy to do these things. The focus on this website isn't on promotion anyway.

If I email you, will I get added to a mailing list or get spammed with Viagra ads?
Don't worry, I won't include you in some mailing list or sell your email address to other people.

Can you tell me how to get my book published?
No. I'm not affiliated with anyone in the publishing industry, and I'm not mean enough to lie to you.

How about you critique my unpublished work instead?
No. I barely have time to read published books. And are you crazy? What makes you think I'm an expert on what sells out there?

But I'll pay you!
You are going to get scammed by some unscrupulous loser if you keep being this way. Keep your money, don't give it away so easily.

If I tell you a secret, will you tell everyone that I told?
Confidentiality is a given, so don't fret about me blabbing to other people what you have told me.