Echoes (2009)

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Echoes (2009)
Echoes (2009)

Main cast: Aaron Stanford (Stephan), Eric Balfour (Maxwell), Camille Guaty (Karen, Zelda Flemming), Gerard Plunkett (Dr Wolfram), and Michael Ryan (Professor, Mr Butler)
Director: Rupert Wainwright

Echoes (2009)Echoes (2009)

Stephan is an university student who is somehow able to afford renting this huge two-story house. Really, it’s huge. Maybe his parents are rich? At any rate, he has a big crush on Karen, but he has never been able to get them to move past the friend zone. It’s not that he is scared, it’s just that he feels that something is wrong each time he tries to kiss her or something. The nature of that “something” becomes clearer when he starts experiencing visions of a woman who looks just like Karen being threatened at knife point, probably murdered by a man.

It seems that, back in the 1920s, a minor actress Zelda Flemming lived here with her boyfriend, Maxwell. Their relationship was a toxic one, as she constantly goaded him into violent bouts of jealousy and anger, and he happened to be a man who makes his living by working at the docks and killing people if the money is good. Wait… is Stephan seeing visions of his past life? Could it be that he is Maxwell and Karen is Zelda? Does this mean that history is doomed to repeat itself?

Now, Aaron Stanford plays a sympathetic, confused lad, and Eric Balfour… well, he doesn’t have the mainstream handsome leading man looks, but there is something about him that always make me think of… naughty things. And here, he plays this violent, evil, sexy man. Echoes is a slow burn episode, and the way things unfurl here is pretty intriguing. Or maybe it’s just me having fun looking at Mr Balfour and enjoying what a sexy-violent character Maxwell is.

Unfortunately, this episode is just too long. Things become repetitive and monotonous as it slowly inches past its midway point, and Karen turns abruptly into an unstable and unsympathetic character that embodies the very thing MGTOW-types loathe and demonize in their YouTube videos. By the end of the episode, it has lost any nuances it may had in the beginning, just to serve up a tedious, overwrought cautionary tale about never, ever spending more than ten seconds with an emotionally unstable person, no matter how hot that person may be. It could have been so much more.

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