My Fair Monster
by Lila Dubois, paranormal (2008)
Samhain Publishing, $4.50, ISBN 978-1-60504-265-7

My Fair Monster follows Lights, Camera... Monsters. This one can stand alone, but do read that review anyway for the background information on how three gargoyles show up in a movie studio in an attempt to get a movie made that will teach people that monsters and humans can live in harmony.

In this one, screenwriter Jane Darby is working on a script that will kick off the monster affirmative action movement, but she needs some insight into how a monster's mind works. Well, Michael, our hero, isn't putting the details out there unless she puts out. I have to hand it to Michael: he learns how Hollywood works very fast for a supposed fresh newcomer to the scene. If folks there aren't careful, he'd soon be heading the biggest casting department in the biggest film studio in Hollywood.

It turns out that Michael's thoughts are 90% centered around sex and Jane is probably better off hawking the script to Vivid rather than Miramax because this story is 90% about the horizontal tango. Not that I have any problem with this, because the sex scenes are hot indeed and this story is marketed as an erotic paranormal romance, so it's not like I'm being misled by the packaging. The author has combined humor with eroticism quite well in this story - I like the result of such a combination.

The characterization is on the superficial side, but then again, the characters are having such fun, which I suppose is the most important thing here. Therefore, I enjoy this story tremendously, and who knows, you may just as well, as long as you are in the mood to expect an erotic romp rather than the next epic love story from this baby.

Rating: 80

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