Accidentally Were?
by Anne Douglas, paranormal (2007)
Loose Id, $5.99, ISBN 978-1-59632-575-3

Poor Pearl Gordon is in a state of confusion when this story opens. She had sex the night before, that is certain, but she can't remember the details. She also has bite marks on her neck and the dogs she encounters show an unusual interest in her. When her friend Shaun suggests that she drop by Shaun's neighbor Dr Rex Dixon's clinic and check with the vet about those bruises, she finds herself in the amorous clinch of a werebear. Poor Pearl will learn that not only has she been bitten by a Were, she's about to find herself in the crazy world of the Weres where the mating agenda seems to be on the top of every one's list of priorities.

Accidentally Were? is a comedy that also pokes some fun at its whole over-the-top mate-mate-mate premise. Poor Rex is a man who has been trying to avoid falling into the mate-mate-mate trap for so long, only to find himself mated with Pearl when he has only - okay, some - good intentions when it comes to helping her get used to her new life. Pearl is a heroine who for the most part has no idea what is going on, but she doesn't let these Were folks push her around too much. She and Rex make a pretty fun pair.

Unfortunately, while this one may be marketed as a novel, I feel that the story, the setting, and the characters could be developed more. The author has created an interesting twist on shapeshifters here but the romance between Rex and Pearl is lacking too, as their attraction seems to be based more on hormones and animal instincts rather than love.

On the whole, Accidentally Were? is a pleasant and amusing romp, bit it also comes off a little on the underbaked side. It's a far better comedy than a romance, though.

Rating: 79

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