Demon Hunting by Lisa Andel

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Demon Hunting by Lisa Andel
Demon Hunting by Lisa Andel

Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-356-1
Fantasy Erotica, 2007


Terri Peterson learns when she was eleven that she is the daughter of a “half-witch” and she has inherited her mother’s powers. That is just before her demonic father shows up and takes her home to, you know, down there. Today, at 23, she’s finally mastered her skills to kick butts on her way back to the surface world. She learns that her foster family, who she considered her real family, had long been killed by his father’s henchman. She therefore vows to destroy any demon that dares to misbehave on Earth.

And then she meets the demon hunter Dylan Vaughan, has sex with him barely after they’ve exchanged introductions, and Demon Hunting gets shot straight to hell as it degenerates into a complete mess of sex scenes after sex scenes. The plot becomes annoyingly interrupted constantly by gratuitous sex scenes that aren’t even mildly steamy. This story is derailed since the first sex scene and from that point it becomes an embarrassing attempt by the author to imitate Laurell K Hamilton‘s bestselling formula. There is no characterization and the plot soon takes a backseat to sex scenes.

There is no good balance between sex and plot here, that’s the problem. It seems to be all or nothing for Ms Andel – she seems to be only capable of focusing on either the plot or the sex scenes and when these two are forced to coexist in the story, she can’t give both adequate attention. The story is really going somewhere until the first sex scene, from which it then goes straight down into the drain.

Demon Hunting is, at the end of the day, best left for the author’s fans or fans of those recent novels by Laurell K Hamilton.

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