Dark Side of the Moon by Emy Naso

Posted by Mrs Giggles on September 19, 2007 in 4 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Dark Side of the Moon by Emy Naso
Dark Side of the Moon by Emy Naso

Forbidden Publications, $3.99
Mixed Genre Erotica, 2006

Mrs. Catherine Harlow was a thirty-eight year old widow. Her husband fell under an automobile when it was slowly backing up. The sadness was that he had been directing it into a parking lot. Even sadder, Catherine was the driver. Still, she got over the pain and grief, made easier by the large insurance payout on her husband’s life policy.

Dark Side of the Moon is marketed as a collection of erotic tales from the late Emy Naso but I personally don’t find them erotic as much as most entertaining in how macabre these stories can turn out to be. Mr Naso has an excellent sense of timing when it comes to unleashing his fiendish sense of humor. For example, I love the proper church lady who blackmails the minister into becoming her husband with evidence of his sleeping with another parishioner in Desire because she’s so adorably diabolical. In In Praise of Your Ass, a man on a business trip plans to blackmail a waitress into a sex and bondage session but she also has some plans of her own to get back at him. Play with Me is a pretty macabre horror story but it fits right in with the tone of the rest of the stories here. In The Love Confession, however, the author happily displays a shamelessly sentimental side of him in a story that is wildly melodramatic yet surprisingly moving.

The stories in this collection have a most delicious Hitchcock-like twist of some sort to them. These stories aren’t fine works of refined culture – they are what they appear to be: fun good smut. Therefore, there isn’t much I can say about Dark Side of the Moon other than it is a most entertaining collection of unapologetically naughty stories.

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