Committed (2000)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on August 16, 2000 in 2 Oogies, Film Reviews, Genre: Comedy

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Committed (2000)
Committed (2000)

Main cast: Heather Graham (Joline), Casey Affleck (Jay), Luke Wilson (Carl), Patricia Velásquez (Carmen), Mark Ruffalo (T-Bo), and Goran Višnjić (Neil)
Director: Lisa Krueger


I always thought Luke Wilson incapable of acting in any role except for that of a wimp. Well, in Committed, he plays a nasty, and surprisingly, he makes a really good nasty. Goran Višnjić, eye candy in every movie and TV role he is in, plays eye candy here too. Between these two guys, I am happily drowning in beautiful scenery. Whoever likes women can enjoy the sight of Heather Graham too in tops and navel-baring outfits.

But the story loses its charm way too early in the story, and what’s left seems like a not-too-funny dissertation of love vs obsession. The latter isn’t deep or anything, and since it’s not funny (much), Committed becomes ultimately forgettable.

Joline believes in her wedding vow. When Carl, her husband leaves her “to find himself”, she tracks him down using some new age methods (really!). Then, she spies on him, and soon realizes her philandering hubby may not be a very nice guy after all. But since she has made a vow, she will keep it no matter what. She will try to make Carl “see the light”.

Frankly, as soon as the movie makes it clear that Carl isn’t worth it, Joline’s antics become tedious and even stupid. Is it worth it in the end? Well, it’s not. The movie, however, pretends that it is, because Joline is supposed to be a stronger and wiser woman in the end. Not really. I think she should indeed be committed into an asylum.

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