China Strike Force (2000)

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China Strike Force (2000)
China Strike Force (2000)

Main cast: Aaron Kwok (Darren), Norika Fujiwara (Norika), Ruby Lin (Ruby), Wang Lee Hom (Jimmy), Mark Dacascos (Mark), and Coolio (Coolio)
Director: Stanley Tong


This really bad movie has two novice (read: soon-to-be-superheroes) officers of the Chinese Public Security Office investigating the murder that took place in some lingerie fashion thingie show. (Read: lots of gratuitous cleavage and waxed bikini lines for the guys.) They soon get involved in intrigues involving bad guys Mark and Coolio (don’t ask me why they use the real names of the actors and actresses in this way), lots of drugs, and a mysterious woman named Norika who shows a lot of cleavage and strips naked at strangest moments.

China Strike Force could’ve been good in a really campy way if the non-English speaking characters could’ve just stuck to Cantonese/Mandarin/Japanese and leave the English to Coolio and Dacascos. As it is, they sound really awful, and the stickler in me cringe at the way they – especially Norika – massacre the language.

Only in the last half-hour when they fight on this narrow piece of slippery glass what seems like zillions of feet from the ground, the movie comes alive. Otherwise, China Attack Force is a bad patchwork of heinous acting, silly plot (all the contrivances one can think off are here), and really bad English.

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