Chicken Run (2000)

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Chicken Run (2000)
Chicken Run (2000)

Main cast: Julia Sawalha (Ginger), Mel Gibson (Rocky), Miranda Richardson (Mrs Tweedy), Tony Haygarth (Mr Tweedy), Benjamin Whitrow (Fowler), Timothy Spall (Nick), Phil Daniels (Fetcher), Jane Horrocks (Babs), Imelda Staunton (Bunty), and Lynn Ferguson (Mac)
Directors: Nick Park and Peter Lord


I have never had this strong an urge to throw up until I’ve seen this Chicken Run tripe. Hailed for its intelligent script, it is a misogynistic, boring, and UGLY clay-animated thing. I really want to throw up.

The plot is simple. The hens of Tweedy farm wants to escape. Too bad the only hen smart enough to arrange a decent plan is Ginger. Then she has to fall for a dumb rooster named Rocky, who lets everyone believe that he can teach them to fly while playing them around.

Will they escape? I don’t care. The hens are all stupid and noisy, the Rocky rooster is irritating, and poor Ginger, who is the only thing I like about this movie, falls for Rocky. So much for female intelligence.

A homage to The Great Escape? Babe with wings? Smart script? Who cares? The chicken are ugly and irritating. Kill them all!

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