Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore

Posted by Teddypig on April 8, 2019 in 4 Oogies, Book Reviews, Genre: Erotica

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Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore
Brotherhood of Fire by Elizabeth Moore

Noble Romance Publishing, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-60592-214-0
Contemporary Erotica, 2010

HOT! Red HOT! Get your studly straight firemen ménage right here! Red hot!

I love this! Yesterday I was bumming around on All Romance eBooks see and I ran into a damn good quick and dirty ménage romance that you will love. If you like ménage that is.

So Garrett and Carrie have been together for a while and they are sexually kinky but not, you know, out right sluts or anything like that. So Garrett is in training to be a fireman and he has this best friend and mentor named John and John is hot and sexy and Garrett is getting Carrie into the idea of a threesome with another guy and well John is single, hot and sexy and a fellow fireman see and…

Elizabeth Moore keeps it just that simple and basically manages to still make it all seem emotionally logical for the characters she has written. Both guys are very straight and very alpha and they remain in character so no “reach arounds” were present or accounted for if you know what I mean.

My only complaint was the sudden appearance of two guys who show up out of nowhere to provide what I guess you might call “emergency ménage counseling” to our two heroes who were trying to make a mess of the whole situation. Who are those masked ménage firemen? Why were John and Garrett so willing to spill their guts to them?

The world may never know.

Grade B for an extremely fun, effortless, and probably destined to become a comfort read.

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