Broken Vows (2016)

Posted by Mrs Giggles on November 12, 2016 in 2 Oogies, Film Reviews, Genre: Crime & Thriller

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Broken Vows (2016)
Broken Vows (2016)

Main cast: Wes Bentley (Patrick Flynn), Jaimie Alexander (Tara), Cam Gigandet (Michael), and Alexandra Breckenridge (Debra)
Director: Bram Coppens


Tara is going to marry Michael. However, while on a bachelorette weekend getaway with her friends, she ends up sleeping with a bartender, Patrick. She regrets the whole thing the morning after and flees, especially when Patrick becomes all creepy and weird. Well, the party becomes fun when Patrick makes it clear that he believes that he and Tara are meant to be, so he begins stalking her and doing his best to sabotage the wedding. What, some violence? He’s fine with that, too, as long as it means that Tara will be him. Forever!

Yes, this is basically a gender-flipped take on the whole Fatal Attraction thing, and it is not the first movie to do so, nor will it be the last.

Now, I like it when Wes Bentley acts crazy, because crazy brings out the best in those beautiful eyes of his. Oh, don’t snicker. He certainly acts crazy here, so I should normally enjoy Broken Vows even a little. Unfortunately, it’s hard to care when the script doesn’t give Patrick any other facet in his personality other than just creepy when it comes to him and Tara. Thus, it’s hard to see why Tara would be attracted to Patrick in the first place, since the script has Patrick acting all weird creepy-staring with her right from the start. I’m not sure whether this is the problem with the script or the cast – Jaimie Alexander, who shows zero chemistry with both Mr Bentley and Cam Gigandet, who plays her fiancé. But given that Patrick actually turns on the charm pretty well on other victims in his path to have Tara all for himself, I’m leaning towards the script.

And the movie. It’s so draggy and filled with long-drawn filler scenes that it’s as if these people have no idea what to do with the movie after coming up with a few key scenes. All the fun takes place very late in the movie when Patrick decides to go all full metal on everyone, and up to that point, Broken Vows is a snooze. Too much time is spent of people just talking or Tara acting all worried or upset while sporting the same facial expression throughout the film. There should have been more skanky stuff or more over the top violence to keep things interesting.

Anyway, if you want to watch this thing, be prepared to fast forward through the more boring parts… or just skip to the last half hour or so. Wes Bentley is cute when he acts crazy, but he’s crazier in better movies in the past.

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