Fantasy Daze
by Gwen Williams, contemporary (2007)
Liquid Silver Books, $5.95, ISBN 978-1-59578-389-9

Fantasy Daze is a simple and straightforward story. Rhiannon Rogers, our librarian heroine, has a fantasy sex life that is far more interesting than her real life one until she meets law clerk Sam Jacobs. The story deals with their rather intense courtship as well as all those little blues about a budding relationship like the moments of insecurities about whether he will call and what-not.

I have to say, I have a good laugh over this story. Rhiannon could be such a silly and even flakey heroine at times, but you know what? She's supposed to be this librarian but oh, she breaks all the clichés you can associate with such a romance heroine. She's more of... oh, a chick-lit heroine minus the neuroses. For that alone, I don't mind the occasional silliness from her.

"I'm different," Rhiannon said simply. "I am unlike any other girl you have ever met in your life."

Meanwhile, Sam is a nice guy here without being too nice. He comes off as this realistic cute guy with human failings and strengths. This story covers the early stages of a budding romance with the promise of a happily ever after, but I can believe that these two will be fine in the long run. Rhiannon doesn't let anyone walk all over her while Sam is a nice guy who is into her, so they will be fine, I believe.

The only problem I have here is the author sometimes using some phrases and words that skirt around purple territory at times. Also, characterization could have been better. Nonetheless, Fantasy Daze is a pretty enjoyable sexy romantic comedy despite its occasional shortcomings. I've had fun, so that's good.

Rating: 82

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